Naomi works as a Marketing Specialist at CFCU Community Credit Union in Ithaca, NY, and as a freelance Graphic Designer with a focus on logo design and branding. A graduate of the Ithaca College Park School of Communications, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Cinema and Photography. She received her Masters of Arts in Screenwriting from the Institute of Art Design and Technology in Dublin, Ireland.

Naomi has also been the head of the writing department at Let's Create a Game and has offered community screenwriting classes at Buffalo Street Books. She is also the creator and facilitator of the Screenwriter's Guild of Ithaca.

Artist Statement

As a writer I like to pair unlikely characters together. Past stories have included couples as diverse as a Satanic Witch with a born-again Christian, to an anorexic woman with a Turkish man who likes curves. I take my characters and drop them into situations as far outside of their comfort zones as I can imagine them. This juxtaposition of extreme opposites creates the conflict that makes life so interesting and allows for the unique and unexpected to emerge.

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